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The Clown Downstairs

2010-03-10 19:02:36 by JohnDavidHeptinstall

Well I'd been working on this animation for the best part of a 30 day flash trial - and as so often happens during my little projects I tend to lose faith very easily and complain to myself constantly - The animation itself tended to take a little too much advantage of motion tweening for my liking and it was nearly completely devoid of plot - but the reaction I've had from newgrounds users has been better than I could ever hope for - the ratings peaking so far at 4.21, appearance on the front page, Daily 2nd and a growing amount of lovely reviews! - it's really helped to boost my confidence and I'm glad of every word and vote - so thanks to everybody!

I'm hoping to embark on a new flash project - mostly frame by frame - with voice acting and full plot development, it was actually rather unstylistic of me to work on something so plotless!

Again, I'm ecstatic over the response to "Clown Downstairs" and resoundingly thankful - I hope my future projects can gain the same sort of response!

He's a happy old thing really:

The Clown Downstairs