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The Clown Downstairs

Posted by JohnDavidHeptinstall - March 10th, 2010

Well I'd been working on this animation for the best part of a 30 day flash trial - and as so often happens during my little projects I tend to lose faith very easily and complain to myself constantly - The animation itself tended to take a little too much advantage of motion tweening for my liking and it was nearly completely devoid of plot - but the reaction I've had from newgrounds users has been better than I could ever hope for - the ratings peaking so far at 4.21, appearance on the front page, Daily 2nd and a growing amount of lovely reviews! - it's really helped to boost my confidence and I'm glad of every word and vote - so thanks to everybody!

I'm hoping to embark on a new flash project - mostly frame by frame - with voice acting and full plot development, it was actually rather unstylistic of me to work on something so plotless!

Again, I'm ecstatic over the response to "Clown Downstairs" and resoundingly thankful - I hope my future projects can gain the same sort of response!

He's a happy old thing really:

The Clown Downstairs

Comments (11)

I'd really like to work with you on it; I do voice acting and writing. I've even won two awards here. You show a lot of promise, bud.

P.S. Clown Downstairs was amazing!

Well I'm certainly interested in finding more voice actors for this project, I'll probably be in need of quite a few, thankyou for the offer, I might just take you up on it in the future!

U are soo lucky, dude, is almost imposible win a 4 at the first try, Hope u make more, and more animations, I wish u the best luck u can have.
Waiting your next proyect.
Good luck.
And dont give up.

Thanks for the luck, I'll be needing it - And yep, hopefully I'll be hard at work with this next one soon

Lucky my ass


I really loved your video. It deserves more than a 4.12, and the score was most likely brought down by little seven year olds who were too ignorant to read the gigantic "M" next to the title. The good news is that they were probably scarred for life and that they won't me coming back any time soon.

Lol I definately hope thats the case haha and thanks

lol,the 8D face,anyways,great vid,I hope u make more,I have ideas that u could do if ur gonna be one of those ppl who make horror vids,this is a good start

Well to be honest, horror isn't really my genre... I like to dabble with creepy ideas but mainly as a subgenre - at the minute I've decided to work on a sort of companion to the the clown downstairs though - and I'm trying a lot harder to make it far more unsettling - thanks for the words!

You surely have alot of talent.I'm really curious to see you're new animation =)

Hopefully the wait shan't be huge

this clown so cute lol
awesome animation!

yeah sure he's cute but I have to live with him haha

thanks man!

i love dark cartoons and this was just awesome! the art work the audio the animation all spot on well done :D

Thanks man - I really liked your Captain Corpse by the way, was awesome!

Has there been people that have been through the same experience as that clown? Also when I was 9 I thought of something sorta the same as your flash, I had a creppy mind!!!!

Well I can't say it was completely autobiographical haha thanks or the words

Wow.... I saw this flash and thought, this is excellent stuff! I MUST see more of this guy's work. I only come to your profile to find out that you don't have the full version of flash and that you are a fairly new user! Quite a surprise! I expect to see more of your work and I hope you keep it in the shady style of Clown Downstairs because it was so well done. Great job on it and I'm looking forward to more of your movies.

I plan to work on things of a very diferent tone and genre now, but hopefully I'll work on something very similar to the clown down the line, thanks man!

thank you very much :D