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Doesn't really say much about what the final product will be like - but cool - I like the whole style with the trees/bushes and clouds - I especially liked the animation of the fox turning his head. It'll be cool to see how it turns out.

Pretty Awesome

Nothing to complain about really is there? - does exactly what it says on the tin. Loved the ending, all in all made me chuckle - I loved all the crazy facial expressions. The only thing I didn't much like was the writing on the screen - stuff like "Nene's Parents" could've been achieved smoother through an image, but that's more my own little prefferences than yours, so I'll not mark you down for it. The music fit perfectly. Really liked the style.


Very sweet - Wonderfully executed animation - the sort of thing I like to see. Something with real substance. The music fit perfectly.

Lancorz responds:

Thanks :D I spent a good week browsing through a mass of music to animate this to, I think I chose the best one. Great thanks to Semaphore that allowed for this song to be shared.

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Incredibly Addictive

The majority of internet based games don't tend to hold my interest for very long, but this is one of the few flash games that I've found really quite addictive and a lot of fun. The premise of the game seems basic, but quickly becomes quite challenging and the short movie sequences caught my interest and hightened my determination. I genuinely wanted that cat to get the girl! haha
And also the character is albeit simply designed but very memorable, I loved it!

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I'm not actually that keen at all on this song. But your version, I loved - I saw the music video you made around it - the only problem is, in the music video it has that wonderful piano part that you're playing whilst singing - I absolutely loved that - but it was absent here, which is a real shame. That's the only reason I'd deduct a point because that lovely twinkly piano was one of the reasons I really liked your version - besides that, it's brilliantly put together - a really good cover that I preffer to the original, somehow, it just doesn't annoy me at all whereas the original version does.

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